Vinli Services Documentation


Vinli is a platform for easily and quickly building connected car apps. Apps get vehicle data through Vinli services.

Tier 1, raw data services:

  • Platform Service manages devices, gets vehicle information, and monitors transactions.
  • Telemetry Service delivers time-series vehicle data.
  • Event Service delivers vehicle events and offers powerful, rule-based event notifications.
  • Diagnostic Service reveals the malfunction state of the vehicle and provides diagnostic trouble codes.
  • Distance Service estimates the car odometer reading at a point in time and milage travelled in a time interval.

Tier 2, structured data services:

  • Trip Service organizes and summarizes telemetry by vehicle ignition and shutdown.
  • Behavioral Service categorizes driver risk based on behavior, vehicle conditions, and geographical travel patterns. It assigns a risk score.
  • Safety Service provides history and telemetry details of collisions.
  • Rule Service creates event subscriptions based on vehicle state or geofences.

Testing and Prototyping

You can quickly prototype an app using Virtual Vinli.